Senior Room

Thursday 15th december


Yesterday, author Caroline Busher visited our school. We were eagerly awaiting her visit as we have just finished reading her first novel 'The Ghosts of Magnificent Children'. We really enjoyed her visit as she was very friendly and encouraged us to start writing our own stories. Caroline is an amazing writer. We thoroughly enjoyed reading her book. It was all about children our age who have supernatural powers and were kidnapped by a circus. We highly recommend this book to everybody. We fell in love with it and all the characters in it. We can't wait until her second book 'The Girl Who Ate The Stars' is in the shops. Caroline's favoured writing genre at the moment is historical fiction and she spoke to us about the Victorian era which is evident in her novel. Caroline also signed our novels for us and allowed us to take some pictures with her.


Tuesday 6th December

Welcome the the Senior Room blog. Last week we were allowed to choose our own homework project for the week. We really enjoyed this as a change from our regular homework. Some of us worked on our own and others worked in small groups. Some of us did Christmas themed art projects, others did Science experiments and some decided to research different countries. Have a look at some of the pictures below!

Akash, Ciarán and Jack did a project on the Solar System

Kirsty did a very creative art project on 'The Grinch'

Rudy created her own Winter Wonderland

Rebecca and Naomi created their own 'Christmas in a Box'

Marica also created a 'Winter Wonderland' using some of her own Christmas lights.


Katelyn did a project on 'The Origins of Taekwondo' and brought in some of her medals to show the class.

Kian got very creative and made a petrol pump out of cardboard.

Adam made a castle out of Pringle boxes and and other cardboard.

Ava and Aisling did a project on all things Australia.

Emma created 'Santa's Sleigh in a Box'

Nicole and Karlie created another 'Winter Wonderland' with a twist!