3rd/4th Class

ReCreate Art Workshop

Long Multiplication

4th class have been tackling long multiplication this month...here's our own Maths whizz Lucy showing us how it's done!


Eeyore comes to school!

Deirdre brought her pet rabbit to school this week, he's gotten a lot bigger and fluffier since we last saw him! As you can see from the photos, we all loved him visiting! Come back soon Eeyore, you're always welcome!



The Vikings

As part of the Blue Star programme, we have been learning about the Vikings.  We have learned lots of interesting facts about how they lived and what they ate.  The fabulous Louise baked Viking bread with us, it was delicious.




December was a very busy, fun and wonderful time in MQI.  It was all go with Christmas Spirit Day, singing carols in the airport and preparing our songs, dance and performance for our Christmas Extravaganza.  We also had to keep an eye on our cheeky elf Alfie, who got up to all sorts of mischief while he was with us.  He's safely back at the North Pole until next year.  Have a wonderful Christmas everyone and we will see you all again in 2018 for more updates on all our antics :)




Sign Language

Our wonderful SNA Deirdre has been teaching us sign language, which we are all really enjoying! This is of special importance now as in December, Irish Sign Language was recognised as an official language.  We have learned the alphabet, how to say our names and how to sign the Christmas carol 'We wish you a Merry Christmas'.  We are looking forward to continuing our learning in the New Year.


Baking carrot muffins

We dug up the carrots that we planted in the school garden last year and Louise helped us to make carrot muffins using them! Yuuummmmm!!!



Kids Marathon


Hi everyone

We have been working on our running. Unfortunately we did not get to wear our cool new running tops. We will were them with pride next time.

Well done to all the people who took part in Santry Stadium. We  ran the last mile at a specially organised event. Thank you Mr. Sheehy, Deirdre, Martina and Ms. O’Mahony.

Until next time bye.

By Aimee Treacy and Laura Kennedy


P.S. Check out the active schools section for more information. 



Science Week

Science week took place from the 12th to the 19 of November 2017. The Junior room did a dancing raisins experiment with Deirdre and Ms.Stachurski. The middle room did  a static electricity experiment. 3rd and 4th class looked at the  effects of drinks on your teeth by putting eggs in different drinks and looking at the changes that happened to each of them. .5th and 6th class designed a paddle boat experiment. The whole school made slime with Ms. Flannery. We got to choose from blue pink purple or green. The Junior room needed some fizzy water. They also used a plastic clear cup and raisins. The middle room needed a helium balloon and some paper. 3rd and 4th class needed cups, water, milk, tea, orange juice, coke and vinegar. 5th and 6th needed rubber bands, an empty bottle of water, a little piece of cardboard. They also needed small stones. The whole school really enjoyed all the experiments during Science Week. Thank you to all the staff for a great week. Bye for now!


By Lucy McGarvey and Katie Swaine, #we LOVE Science.

 Look at the pics down below of the school doing science!




Mary Queen of Ireland was a very scary place on the 27th of October.  All the boys and girls made a great effort and looked fantastic!