1st/2nd Class

Welcome to the 1st and 2nd class web page. If you want to see fantastic children at work scroll down through our page. The kids in 1st and 2nd are the kindest, most intelligent, most special bunch of boys and girls. We can't wait to add more pictures and adventures to this page as the year goes on. The most recent picture will be first.



December 6th:

Buddy caused a lot of havoc in our classroom today spilling magic dust all over the floor and also throwing all of the books off the shelves at lunchtime. 



The boys and girls of 1st and 2nd enjoying their weekly GAA class with Joe. We are such a sporty bunch. 




Here is some of our winter art:


Here is us as little elves on the shelves. Can you find yourself?

December 1st and our elf on the shelf has arrived. We have named him Buddy. He is a cheeky little elf but shhh we don't want him to hear us calling him that in case he messes up our classroom. 

We are learning hip/hop dance with Carol for the month of December. The class are absolutely brilliant. I hope we are all showcasing those moves at home.

During science week  November 12th-19th we experimented topics such as static electricity using balloons and made slime. 



 Every second or third week the amazing Deirdre teaches the class sign language. They are fantastic at it. We already know the alphabet, how to sign our names, say how many are in our families, sign our pets and sign all the days of the week. 


On the last day before the Halloween break, the boys and girls dressed up for our witches and wizards walk. Everyone looked very scary!




In October we carried out a science experiment on 'Our senses' of taste, touch, sight, hearing and smell. We made friends with a furry Rabbit called 'Eeyore' and brought him for a walk. We also uprooted potatoes with our teacher and Deirdre. 



With the potatoes we gathered in the garden, we made homemade chips to go with our homemade burgers. Louise helped us and we had a great time: