Welcome To The Junior and Senior Infant Class Blog!

Our Spring Garden Centre!

This month we are learning all about spring, plants and gardens. We have a student teacher called Ms. Whitfield, and we are really enjoying her lessons! For Aistear, we have been playing in a garden centre for our role play area. We have been making lots of signs and sales for all of the flowers. We also painted some rocks to look like garden bugs, and we decorated flower pots, which we then used to plant cress seeds. In the small world have been playing with a compost pit, and we were surprised to find out we can use it to make great castles and houses for the frogs and bugs that would live in the garden! We have also been using play dough to make flowers and bugs that you would find in Spring.

3D Shapes

We did lots of activities to help us learn about 3D shapes. We constructed the shapes using our straws and connectors, and we modelled the shapes using our play dough. We also played with 3D shaped blocks to see which of the shapes would stack and roll! 

Pancake Day!

Before we made our Lenten promise, we enjoyed some pancakes at school. We don't know which we enjoyed more...the pancake flipping or the eating! 

Fairytale Castles

Fairytales and Castles was a very fun topic to do for Aistear! The boys and girls became kings, queens, princesses, princes, knights and dragons in a castle for our role play area, built castles and watchtowers using lego and blocks, designed our own shields to use in the role play area and played with a small world castle. We looked at photographs of some real castles in Europe, and then we learned how to draw a castle all by ourselves. 

Buddy Reading!

We paired up with boys and girls from 5th and 6th class reading to do Buddy Reading for a day! We spent the time in our lovely library reading books of our choice for enjoyment. 

Eeyore's 2nd Visit!

We were all delighted to welcome back Eeyore, Deirdre's pet rabbit, for the day! He spent some time in our classroom, we took him for a walk, and we practised our own bunny hops around the yard!


Maths Games.

Maths games are a great way to practice the new skills we are learning. We practice counting, number recognition, using a dice and addition as well as taking turns and playing fairly!

Toy Shop!

After Christmas we were talking a lot about our new toys and presents, so we set up a toy shop in our Aistear Role Play Area. The children took on the roles of shopkeepers, customers and even managers! They made shopping lists, receipts and made signs for the toy shop on the chalk board. 

Power Hour

Every Monday we do 'Power Hour' with Sinead and Ms. O'Donnell. The children work in groups on fun activities to practice their sounds, oral language, writing and reading! 

Christmas and Winter!

Winter and Christmas are our favourite topics to learn about! Here are some photos of our art and crazy santa dancing!

Cooper the Elf!

In December, a very naughty elf called Cooper came to stay with us in our classroom. He was always up to mischief, and every morning we all looked forward to seeing what he had been up to during the night.

Christmas Aistear!

We are loving our Christmas Aistear play areas so far. We have a Santa's Workshop Role Play Area, mini elves in the small world, Christmas painting where we are free to create our own Christmas creations, and a construction area where we have been building santa's workshop, santa's home and even sleighs!


In the Junior and Senior Infant room we love to be active during maths lessons! 

Here are some shapes pictures the Junior Infants made.

Here are some of our Junior Infants doing grouping activities together.

Science Week!

Junior and Senior Infants demonstrated the 'dancing raisins experiment for all the other classrooms! We also got to do science activities such as use magnifying glasses, examine how magnets work, and watch the magic pepper experiment! But the most fun (and messiest!!) thing we did was make SLIME! 


We all looked amazing for Halloween! For our dress up day we played Halloween dancing games, we went on a witches and wizards walk, and we had a Halloween picnic in our classroom!



Everybody had a great time baking with Louise. We baked cupcakes, and we even made our own icing and decorated them.

Eeyore's visit!

We were all delighted when Deirdre's pet rabbit Eeyore came in to visit us for the day. We learned how to take care of a rabbit, and we even got to pet him and take him for a walk...on his lead!


Aistear is one of our favourite things to do at school! So far we have done themes such as myself, Autumn and homes in Aistear. We take turns to use play areas such as role play, small world, junk art and construction. It allows us to learn in a fun and creative way. Have a look at our photos below!

Role Play

Junk Art

Sand and Play dough

Autumn Art

We had lots of fun doing leaf rubbings and paintings with autumn colours for art!

Welcome to the Junior/Senior Room blog!


This year we are going to give you a sneak peek into our wonderful classroom and all of the fun and exciting things we do at school! All of the marvellous children have been very busy already for their first term.

We hope you come back regularly to check out all of our amazing work, imaginative creations and our exciting news.