We wouldn't have as many wonderful activities going on in our school if it wasn't for the people and organisations in our community who come in to help us.

Our Active School Committee

In 2016, our Active School Committee was formed. They include members from each class. Our active committee have some very important roles, including shake and wake, making active school announcements to our class, and tidying up the PE equipment from the yard. All of our Committee wear blue jackets at yard time. Older members of our committee (3rd to 6th class) have additional reponsibilities including setting out activities during yard time, keeping the PE equipment room tidy and reporting any problems or broken equipment, and attending ASF meetings to report any ideas or arising problems to the staff members on the committee.

Active School Notice Board 

We have an Active Schools notice board in our PE hall. This shows our motto, members of the committee, results from our 'what club are you in' survey, and photos of our students active achievements both during and after school. For May and June, we will also have a 'Run Around the World' display to keep track of how far we have made it around the world!

We have added a students suggestions section to our board also, which is regularly checked by our Active School Committee members.

Parents Association

We are very lucky to have such a supportive community of parents for our school. Parents are informed of all of our Active School activities and events via our school newsletter. Parents are invited to events such as football matches, neighbourhood walks and Sports day. 

Our students ready to go on a neighbourhood walk with parents in March 2017.
Our parents taking part in our Sheila Whelan Ceilí in March 2018

Local Dance Teacher

Our local dance teacher Carole has provided our students with a hip hop dance lessons and also Irish dance lessons this year. She is also a qualified children's yoga instructor, and will return during active week to do a yoga session with each class.

Carole dancing with some of our students

St. Margaret's GAA.

We are closely associated with our local GAA club. Joe, who is a GAA coach with St. Margaret's GAA, has been teaching alongside our staff for 1 day each week to deliver PE lessons from the games and athletics strands.

Our school promotes St. Margaret's GAA workshops and Summer camps, and many of our students are members of the Grasshoppers junior GAA club and St. Margaret's GAA club.

Last year, we were delighted when a member of St. Margaret's GAA brought the Sam Maguire Cup to visit our school!

The Sam Maguire Cup visits our school

Fingal Local Sports Partnership

We are also closely associated with our Fingal Local Sports Partnership. The children received a 6 week sports conditioning programme, where skills from the games, athletics and dance strand were practiced and developed with the children through specialised activities and playground games. Photos of this can be seen on the Physical Education section of the active school blog. They also provided staff with a CPD course for teaching these skills during PE lessons. During this time, Steven for Fingal LSP delivered 6 lessons to 1st-6th class about the importance of healthy eating and looking after our bodies and our minds.

Our 4th to 6th class students took part in Marathon Kids, which was brought to us by our LSP. We also took part in a race day in Santry Stadium in April.

During active week, we look forward to having a member from Fingal LSP to run a cricket workshop with our students.

Green Schools

Our Active Schools Committee works with our Green Schools committee to encourage children to travel to school in an active, safe and environmentally friendly way where possible. This year, the green schools travel officer came to run a Scooter Safety workshop with our Junior infants to 2nd class. Photos of this can be seen on the 'physical activity' section of our Active School blog.

The 2 committees are currently working on ideas for National Walk to School Week.

Blue Star 'Run Around The World'

The Active Committee and the Blue Star coordinator are currently working on the 'Run Around the World' running initiative.