Physical Activity

Run Around the World Update (May 2018)

We are delighted to announce that together we have ran the distance to Liverpool, 218 Km! We are now on our way to London. 


National Walk to School Week. (May 2018)

All students made a great effort to walk to school during National Walk to School week on 14th May to 18th May. Each day, a survey was taken to see how many students walked to school that morning, and results were recorded. Our Active School Committee checked the results for each class every day, and the class with the highest percentage of walkers won an extra 10 minutes of yard each day!.

On Friday 18th May, To finish National Walk to School Week we had a 'Funny Feet Day', where children decorated their shoes or wore funny socks. Well done to all students who made such a great effort during this week. 


Run Around The World (May 2018)

For May and June, junior infants to 2nd class will take part in the 'Run Around the World' running initiative. Our aim is to see how far we can run around the world by running the equivalent distance from Dublin to different European cities by doing laps around our school yard. Our first stop is to make it to Liverpool! Please come back regularly to check our progress! 

School Football Teams (April 2018)

We are very proud of our football teams here in MQI. A huge congratulations to Mr Sheehy and both the girls team and the mixed team, who have been working hard all year. The girls team played very well during their recent Fingal Football league and improved with each game. The boys reached the semi final, which was an amazing achievement. All our players look forward to the Joe Crowe cup in June.

 Scooter Day! (April 2018)

Junior Infants to 2nd class got a chance to take part in a scooter safety day at school! Susan came to the school to teach us all about being safe when using scooters and the importance of wearing helmets and high-vis clothing, where is safe to use scooters, and how to be careful when using scooters near traffic, pedestrians an other obstacles. The children then got to go outside and practice using their scooters safely!

Easter egg Hunt! (April 2018)


The Easter Bunny paid a visit to our school and left us some treats. We went to the yard to walk around and search for them!  



Laser Workshop! (March 2018)

Here are some photos of our 3rd to 6th class taking part in a 'Laser Workshop', where they got to practice and develop hitting the target! They practiced this once a week for 5 weeks, and improved with every session!

St Patrick's Day Celebrations! (March 2018)

All children practised very hard this month in preparation for our St. Patrick's Day concert and Sheila Whelan Céilí! Each class performed a dance choreographed by our dance teacher Carole. Every student participated and did themelves proud! At the end, everybody performed the Siege of Ennis together! 

Rainy Days

In MQI, we even stay active during rainy days! We do rainy day workouts in our classroom if it is too wet to play in the yard.



Yard Time

We love to do a variety of activities during yard time. Some of the activities that we enjoy are football, basketball, skipping, hula hoops, dancing, and we even create our own games with chalk such as hopscotch and activity trails! 



Super Marathon Runners! 

All students in 3rd to 6th class students took part in 'Marathon Kids' running initiative, brought to us by our LSP. They worked over 8 weeks to improve on their ability to keep running around our local track, and by the end of their intense training time, all students ran the length of a real marathon! Everybody greatly improved the distance they were able to run, their speed and their ability to keep going. They then went to run the end of a marathon, which is a huge achievement, and we are so proud of everyone of them! Here are some photos of our super runners!

Shake and Wake

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning we do shake and wake in our classroom to start the day. Our Active Schools Committee comes in to help all the rooms with this. We listen to music to help keep us motivated!




 Crazy Santa! (December 2017)

Have you heard about our crazy santa dance? This month we have been doing it for shake and wake and busy breaks!

Hip Hop (December 2017)

All classes are doing Hip Hop dancing this month! it is so much fun. We get to practice splits, high kicks, and dances to all of our favourite songs. Keep a watch out for our special hip hop dance that we will perform at our Christmas Show on the 20th December!


Witches and Wizards Walk! (October 2017)

For our Halloween dress up day we all looked amazing! We went on a 'Witches and Wizards' walk around Rivermead to show off our costumes. The boys and girls also brought in a donation for this event, which will go towards buying some lovely new PE equipment for us to use during our PE lessons and in the yard at breaktime. You can see photos of our Witches and Wizards Walk in the gallery section of our website.

Fitness Week Workout (September 2017)

We were very busy during fitness week! The whole school participated in a special fitness week workout for schools, by Joe Wicks (the Body Coach). Everybody tried their best to keep going until the end! Check out our photos below.

We also had so much fun during the 'Take On Your Teacher's' Challenge! The students competed against the teachers in musical chairs, a burpee challenge, penalty shootouts and basketball shootouts. You can see photos from this in our school gallery section of the website.