Physical Education

In Mary Queen of Ireland National School, children receive a varied and balanced P.E. curriculum. 

The P.E. curriculum is divided into 6 strands: Athletics, Dance, Gymnastics, Games, Outdoor and Adventure Activities and Aquatics. More information on the primary school PE curriculum can be found on the NCCA website.


This year, we have been developing the 'games' strand of the curriculum. When learning about games, children have been practicing sending, receiving and travelling, creating and playing games, and developing an understanding and appreciation for games.


Teachers have been working closely with Joe, our GAA coach this year. Joe comes in to coach a half hour lesson with each class and their teachers on Wednesdays. During their GAA time, children cover lots of the games and athletics strands of the curriculum. Activities include: 

  • sending the ball-(e.g. rolling, underarm and over arm throw, catching, kicking, and striking)
  • receiving the ball (e.g. catching, stopping the ball with foot)
  • travelling with the ball (bouncing, dribbling)
  • playing games (playground games, games in pairs and teams)
  • walking, running and jogging 
  • jumping
  • throwing
  • understanding and appreciating the activities and tactics.
Here are some photos of our students taking part in their GAA lessons.



Sports Conditioning

Children also had the opportunity to take part in a 6 week strength and conditioning workshop block in support of the games strand of the curriculum. This workshop was brought to us by our Fingal Local Sports Partnership. As well as covering the games strand, it also integrated with the athletics and dance strands of the curriculum. It was designed to improve skills such as balance, running, ball skills and travelling. 


Other areas of the Curriculum:

The students cover the strand 'aquatics' in March and April, when they are taken to the ALSAA swimming pool for lessons. 

Here are some photos of our students enjoying their PE lessons with their teachers.

 6th Class enjoying benchball while practising their throwing and catching skills.


Junior Infants getting creative with their 'magic dust' dance.


Our students practicing 'The Siege of Ennis', which we performed during our Ceilí for seachtain na Gaeilge.


6th class taking part in a handball lesson with Mr. Sheehy.


We enjoy doing PE outside when the weather is good. Here are junior and senior infants, and 3rd and 4th class enjoying PE on a lovely sunny day!